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We offer an internet search service to our customers.  We will spend the time searching the web, negotiating prices etc.  We are dedicated to finding the parts you need for the price you want to pay. We will arrange shipping to you, and our charges are a small percentage of total amount spent.  We accept pre-paid orders only.  We will find the parts at no charge, let you know the description, and price, and you can decide.  You have nothing to lose, and only good prices on quality parts to gain.


Let us help you find your next race car.  We specialize in finding the chassis you want, and then finding the motor etc. you need to fit in the class you want to race!!

We are also more than capable of building you a new powerplant, and arranging for any type chassis work you might need. 
Let us know how we can help to put you in the winners circle.

Time is  running out. The racing season is about to start.  Contact us as soon as possible to book us to help find your parts. 

Southern Outlaw Racing
207 Smith Street
Americus, GA  31709 


In this area we will put rates and availability during the upcoming months:

For example:
If you wanted to purchase a 1987-1993 mustang 25.1c compliant, with a BBF motor.  Assuming the car was complete and total price was in the $45k range.  You would owe us a $2250 finders fee (5% of total spent), and we would arrange for delivery.  Price for delivery would depend on where you are located, and where the car is located.  This is an example of a turn key car deal.

Example #2

Lets say all you need is a new shifter.  We find you a nice shifter in like new condition.  It is $100, on individual parts we charge a 10% so you would owe us $110 + shipping, and all you did was make one email to us.  We find it verify it to be what you want, and as soon as we receive your check, the part will be on the way to you.

Southern Outlaw Racing