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Southern Outlaw Racing...Who We Are And Where We Came From.

Our Mission:

Our team is on a  mission  to assist all levels of racers in their quest for speed.  We specialize in Limited Street style cars, but are more than capable of helping you build any car you need.  We have contacts with a number of top quality chassis shops, as well as racing engine builders.  Hancock Racing can help you find the contacts you need for anything on your racecar.  We wan't to try to bring drag racing to the general public with a little easier.  It can be frustrating when you don't know what it takes to go fast.

We have built our newest car with what we feel are the best parts available.  This will allow us to make the type of power it takes to win in the Limited Street class we are going to race in. We will have some of the most knowledgeable people in the business working with our team in different areas throughout the 2005 racing year. 
We will be racing mostly Limited Street, but will be making select  Ford events as well. 
We are also honored to have a few associate sponsors.  Without these guys, a lot of this car would still be incomplete.
Parker Chassis
4779 Kolb Avenue
Columbus, GA 31909
(706) 571-9994
Al Moody Racing Engines
125 Nickajack Road
Mableton GA  30126
I would also like to thank the following people for their help in the construction of this car, and racing team.   Andy Collins (fellow Street Outlaw racer)....thanks for switching over to turbo, and allowing me to get this bullet.  I would also really like to thank Mr. Wayne Jeffers as well, because he is the man that really talked me into making the switch from smallblocks, to the monster we are using this year.
I would most of all like to thank the crew that will be helping me this year.
Joy and Brooklyn Hancock
Ron Rees
Curtis Dupree
Jason and Aimee Albritton
Al Moody Sr.
Dan Parker and the whole crew at parker Chassis
All of these people made a huge impact on my racing team for this coming year, and none of it could have been possible without them.  Thanks!!!
The people who, have been the most help however have been my family.  Without the loving support of my wife, Joy,  for putting up with all this maddness for so long, or my mother for giving me the time off from the funeral home, this would not be possible.  I also work at a family owned funeral home, as well as owning a monument company, and managing a family owned vault company.
I also look forward to my number one fan coming to the races with us this year. Brooklyn Kinsey Hancock. We took the last couple of years off, since she was born February 4, 2002.  She is now old enough to go with us, and 2005 will be an all out assault on Limited Street.


Our History:

We are not new to the Ford racing world.  We have competed with several cars thoughout the years, but we have always run in the Outlaw class. 
My name is Marshall Hancock, I am the owner of Southern Outlaw Racing.  I also will be driving our new Outlaw car.  I got my strart racing a convertable Mustang Saleen at our local 1/8 mi track.  We won a few bracket races, and had fun, but I always liked watching the heads up class cars.  Pro-Mod was a lot bigger back then on these little Outlaw tracks.
I was at the track one Friday night helping a good friend with his low 6 sec. 1/8 mi car.  We were all joking around and having fun, and he said go ahead take it for a lap.  Well how is a young driver supposed to react to that.  I parked the convertable, jumped in and took it to the line.  I did a good burnout, dry hop (that was popular to do then) and then recorded the fastest pass the car had ever run, and on my very first pass as well.  I was hooked, the next weekend we were at the track with the car, but this time it belonged to me.  I just had to have it.
We ran the car like that for a while, this was when s/o cars were running 9.70's or so.  We took it to Atlanta, and with a tired motor it recorded a best of 10.08, before finally giving up.
Fast forward to the Spring Break Shotout 2000, we re-built the car,  took it to Brandenton, and ran 9.90's with just horsepower, no power adder.  Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords did a big article on the car, even though the car disappointed us performance wise, MM&FF came to the rescue.
After that we decided the stock suspension could not take the power, so we had Parker Chassis in Columbus GA mini-tub the car and install ladder bars.  This really picked up performance, as in 2001 we had the car running 5.30's in the 1/8mi and low 8's in the 1/4.
We sold that car, and purchased a Skinny Kid Racecar's Mustang LX Pro 5.0 car.  We had never tried the Pro 5.0 scene, and were a little nervous about the class, because it was turning into what it is now (pro stock cars basically), and the car was a little heavy by todays standards. We were going to give it a try, but we didn't have that car very long.  We got it all together with a nice smallblock nitrous motor, but a friend in Florida saw the potential for a real monster, so he bought the rolling chassis from me and installed a big inch Ford Shotgun Hemi. 
It was about this time, that the National Mustang Racers Association, and Fun Ford Weekend  racing organizations decided to go different directions on their rules.  We decided that since Outlaw 10.5 is so big here in the South, it was very practical to go with the FFW rules, and run both classes.  This is what we are going to do.

This was our former Super Street Outlaw car
It was featured in Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Magazine August 2000 and 2001

Southern Outlaw Racing * Americus, GA *