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These pictures show the car with paint.  The paint shop, that did the paint work tried several times, as you can see in the different pictures on this page.  They really never accomplished the look we were after, but it is shiny now instead of flat black, and the ever popular "it's a racecar".  That is pretty much the response they gave before giving up.  That is not really what we wanted to hear after getting the bill  We are currently seeking a new sponsor for the 04 racing season, and this car would provide the perfect rolling billboard for your company.  We are perfectly willing to have the car painted in any design that could help promote our sponsors, and draw attention to their products.  We will also be using a different painter.

This is a Picture of our car taken by Hardcore5.0
We were at the Gainesville FFW race this year

Taped for new paint Job




600 cubic inch Big Block Ford
With Al Moody's help we hope to get 2000 hp after freshen-up

I am sure many of you already have heard the news......We hurt the motor the first time out in Gainesville.  We had very high expectations before that race, we had a Kuntz and Co. engine in the car that was really never built for nitrous. (we didn't know it was not built for nitrous, we thought it was)  It was built leaning more towards natural aspiration versus Nitrous injection.  We had made several motor only passes with the car, and had a good handle on the engine tune up.  We used the tune up recommended by our nitrous supplier, it was supposedly a conservative base line tune up.  This supplier uses a different jet spread, as well as pressures than we use in our tune ups.  He is well known in the nitrous business and I am in no way pointing any fingers, nor calling any names. (I think the problem was a combination of different things)  We had planned on running that initial tune-up to get a base line before turning on the larger second stage of nitrous oxide.  The pass seemed good at first, it covered the 1/8mi in 4.92 seconds at 144mph, and crossed the 1/4mi stripe in 8.04 seconds at 170mph.  After reviewing the data logger we realized the car started nosing over and eating parts around 600'.  We have rescently hired on Al Moody Sr. of Moody Racing Engines Mableton GA. to help with the re-construction of this race engine.  The engine failure was very unfortunate for us financially, as well as the time away from the track, but we learned a lot from it.  The motor is going to be stretched out a few cubic inches, and the pistons as well as camshaft will be changed and designed more for large amounts of nitrous oxide.  We are also having the heads worked on a little more to pick up the airflow as well as power of the engine, We hope to have the engine complete and ready for testing before the year is out.  Then maybe we can turn on the second stage of nitrous, and give the turbo guys a good race.

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This is the paint guy's second try

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